Owning a home can be a great thing, but with is comes A LOT of work, time and effort. Ask anyone, being a home owner is a not easy. There is a lot to keep up with and stay on top of. Plumbing, indoor and outdoor cleaning, painting and repainting, remodeling, yard work, lawn mowing… well you get the picture. If you are wanting to focus on your career or your family and not having to worry about these time consuming aspects of life, then living at My North Austin Apartments it right for you!

Yes, most apartments have people who mow the community lawn and keep the area looking nice, and of course we have that but we offer so much more! Did you know that we have people on staff that will come clean your apartment for a super low price? No joke, they will come reorganize your apartment, deep clean, dust mop, vacuum, you know… the works! We even have a window washer that comes and cleans your windows once a month completely free of charge! We just want your place to look nice and for you to enjoy it as much as possible!

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Not to brag or anything, but if you live with us, we hook you up you some of the best coupons and deals around the city. We want to treat you right. Just come to the front desk and ask us and we will give you what we’ve got!

For example if you are looking to go on a sweet limo ride in the area we can hook you up! If you want to go to the nearby mall and get your shopping on, we will give you coupons to all the shops! If you want to go to a nice restaurant for dinner, we probably have something for you as well.

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We take pride in the surroundings of our apartment complex. If you go look around and compare to other apartments in the area, we have one of the most beautiful lots with gorgeous plants and vegetation.

my north austin apartments plants

3 times per week, we have a staff that prunes, plants, trims, mows and waters all of our grass and vegetation. We have over 12 types of flowers planted throughout our complex ranging in colors from pink, to red, to orange to yellow to what you see in the picture. We also have had a tree service company come in multiple times and plant several types of beautiful trees throughout and around the apartments.


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Hope everyone is having a great summer and is enjoying the heat. Here are some things you may not have know about our apartments!

north austin apartments exterior

Did you know we have never had a tenant evicted? All our tenants are so kind and neighborly there has never been any trouble of the sort!

Did you know for the quality of our apartments we offer prices that are more affordable than anyone in the Austin area?

Did you know that we have an exercise and weight room that is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week for you to use?

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Austin Texas Skyline

Just so people know, for how luxurious and modern our apartments are we are offer one of the most affordable prices for apartment living in the area. Many apartments charge you much extra than what they know they should just so they can make a huge margin. Yes, of course we profit, this is a business but we do so in a very fair and honest way. We never have overcharged people to live in this wonderful apartment community and we never will.

Side Note* If you missed the last post on maintenance, have a gander: No Maintenance, Just Perks

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Lets be honest, no matter how nice an apartment complex is, it is difficult to choose to live there if it is in a bad location. Overall, Austin is a pretty high quality place to live, but we definitely placed our apartments in our residents’ best interests. We are located in North Austin (hence the name) and let us tell you, it doesn’t get much better!

We placed our community by several great restaurants, both fast food and nicer sit down for when you aren’t wanting to cook up a meal. Safeway and Costco are both less than three minutes away if you hop in the car and go for a spin. It is also a beautiful walk to the store if you don’t have a ton of groceries to carry back! Nobody likes having to drive more than just a few minutes to get groceries, so no need to worry about a long trip to get some grub for your place.

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Apartment Kitchen

You are probably thinking by now, why have a blog that actively posts information about an apartment complex. Well it is truly because we feel that our apartment buildings and community is that set set apart from the rest!

Another outstanding factor as to why are apartments are the best, is because we get each and everyone one of our rooms refurbished ever year. Yes, most apartment clean there carpets after someone moves out, but we go way beyond that. We contract out a cleaning service to deep clean each room. This way when you move in, you truly feel like it is a brand new home that has just been built. We can unbiasedly say, there is not a cleaner apartment complex in Texas.

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Yes, most apartments have some sort of lobby or clubhouse building, but not like ours. My North Austin Apartments’ facilities are superior, and it all begins with our marvelous clubhouse and its amenities. We truly unbiasedly say, you won’t find a more enjoyable, relaxing and entertaining apartment clubhouse in all the land. Even ask KVUE News! They have given us nothing but positive reviews and attention and for that we are thankful!

Let’s start by overviewing our lounge area. We have a huge, sweet 65″ flat screen TV. There is tons of seating so you and the fam or some friends can come kick back and relax. We have an entire collection of over 300 movies that you can watch and even rent to take back to your place! We offer free wifi for all your mobile devices and computers. We also have several computers and a printer if you ever need to use one for business or personal use.

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Welcome to our new website! We offer great information and content regarding our amazing Austin apartments. We are nothing but excited to have this new site up! From here on out we will be blogging and listing information abut our apartments that you will want to know and use! To learn more about us go to our story page.

We truly are different. Our apartment buildings resemble a community full of friendly neighbors and caring people. You will not find buildings anymore up to date or modern to live in. We are certain you will absolutely love living in one of our beautiful complexes. If you are not sure about living with us yet, please contact us or simply sit back back soak in the information we are about to throw your way!